Startups and small businesses are facing more competition than ever before. Even if you have a unique idea, capturing the attention of potential customers so you can scale your business may seem like an impossible challenge.

Though there are many marketing tactics you could use to fuel the growth of your business, few prove more effective in today’s digital age than nailing your video marketing strategy. This point really hit home for me when I interviewed Alex Brown, cofounder of the subscription beard care service, The Beard Club.

Thanks to some video marketing savvy, Brown’s company has generated over $10 million in revenue, while racking up hundreds of millions of views of their content on YouTube and Facebook. Your small business can also see significant growth if you employ video marketing the right way.

Communicating Your Value Proposition

One of the best reasons to use video marketing is because it helps communicate your company’s unique value proposition in a more engaging manner. As Brown explained, their most successful videos have been those which made people laugh but also did a good job highlighting what their products actually did.

For example, after launching a new hair growth product line, their team created a spoof of a stereotypical pharmaceutical commercial. “It’s a really funny commercial, and it got shared a lot because it was super funny,” Brown recalls. “It did really well as an acquisition tool because it communicated the benefits of the product—but in a really funny way. Those have been our best videos for both brand awareness and acquisition.”